Celebrate gRPC Day

The gRPC core engineering team is excited to share a new video playlist that accelerates your getting started with gRPC and helps you better understand recently introduced innovations such as gRPC Microservices Observability in GCP (for the full announcement, see blog and codelab.

The materials are for any audience, including individuals starting their gRPC journey as well as established gRPC coders, and place the core technologies of gRPC at your fingertips.

The video series includes the following clips:

  1. gRPC Day Primer: The State of gRPC | Neil Abogado
  2. gRPC in 5 minutes | Eric Anderson & Ivy Zhuang
  3. Getting Started with gRPC | Easwar Swaminathan & Arvind Bright
  4. Observability for Microservices with gRPC | Vindhya Ningegowda & Sanjay Pujare
  5. Observability Visualization for gRPC Microservices in GCP | Vindhya Ningegowda
  6. Leveling Up your Service Mesh with gRPC | Ivy Zhuang & Richard Belleville
  7. Supporting xDS in the gRPC Client Architecture | Mark Roth

Individuals new to gRPC should start with sessions #1-3, while seasoned gRPC developers can jump into the advanced topics covered by videos #4-7.

Checkout the YouTube playlist gRPC Day to start watching!