Highlights in gRPConf 2023:Customer Showcase, Developer Engagement, Birds of Feathers Discussions and more.

We loved hosting gRPConf 2023 last month in Sunnyvale, California. Thank you to hundreds of developers from Apple, Cisco, Intel, LinkedIn, Netflix, Salesforce, to name a few, who joined our special event. We were overwhelmed by the various topics and advanced use cases around the gRPC ecosystem. If you missed the opportunity to join in person, here are the video recordings that highlight the presentations during the day:

Conference Gate

Abhishek Opening Keynote

Ivy Keynote Talk: gRPC Overview

Gina Keynote Talk: What’s new in gRPC

gRPConf 2023 Audiences

gRPConf 2023 Stanford Professor John Ousterhout asks questions

We received a wealth of feedbacks from everyone throughout the day which has helped us shape our future roadmap. Stay tuned to gRPC on many platforms for new releases, announcements and events: