gRPC - now with easy installation.

Posted on Monday, April 04, 2016

Today we are happy to provide an update that significantly simplifies the getting started experience for gRPC.

The installation story is not yet complete: we are now focused on improving your development experience by packaging our protocol buffer plugins in the same way as the gRPC runtime. This will simplify code generation and setting up your development environment.

Want to try it?

Here’s how to install the gRPC runtime today in all our supported languages:

Node.jsLinux, Mac, Windowsnpm install grpc
PythonLinux, Mac, Windowspip install grpcio
RubyLinux, Mac, Windowsgem install grpc
PHPLinux, Mac, Windowspecl install grpc-beta
GoLinux, Mac, Windowsgo get
Objective-CMacRuntime source fetched automatically from GitHub by Cocoapods
C#WindowsInstall gRPC NuGet package from your IDE (Visual Studio, Monodevelop, Xamarin Studio)
JavaLinux, Mac, WindowsUse our Maven and Gradle plugins that provide gRPC with statically linked boringssl
C++Linux, Mac, WindowsCurrently requires manual build and install

You can find out more about installation in our Getting Started guide and GitHub repositories. Do send us your feedback on our mailing list or file issues on our issue tracker if you run into any problems.