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The grpc-io forum, mentioned above, is a great place to ask technical questions and engage in discussions with other gRPC developers.

The following channels, though less actively monitored, are also good places to exchange with developers and find answers to your gRPC questions:

Chat with other gRPC developers in the grpc/grpc community.

Ask technical questions about gRPC & protoc, and find answers.

Consult the r/grpc subreddit for discussions related to gRPC.

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gRPC code and documentation

Interested in contributing to gRPC code or documentation found under the grpc GitHub organization? To learn how, read grpc-community/ and the page of the repo that you’d like to contribute to.

gRPC Ecosystem

The gRPC Ecosystem is a GitHub organization that hosts community projects related to gRPC — projects include, but are not limited to, gRPC extensions or integrations, as well as examples that demonstrate how to use gRPC for common or technically challenging use cases.

Do you have a gRPC-related project that’s a good candidate for the ecosystem? Submit a request to have your project added; for details, see gRPC Ecosystem - New projects are welcome!.