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Official support

These are the officially supported gRPC language, platform and OS versions:

LanguageOSCompilers / SDK
C/C++Linux, MacGCC 4.9+, Clang 3.4+
C/C++Windows 7+Visual Studio 2015+
C#Linux, Mac.NET Core, Mono 4+
C#Windows 7+.NET Core, NET 4.5+
DartWindows, Linux, MacDart 2.12+
GoWindows, Linux, MacGo 1.13+
JavaWindows, Linux, MacJDK 8 recommended (Jelly Bean+ for Android)
KotlinWindows, Linux, MacKotlin 1.3+
Node.jsWindows, Linux, MacNode v8+
Objective-CmacOS 10.10+, iOS 9.0+Xcode 7.2+
PHPLinux, MacPHP 7.0+
PythonWindows, Linux, MacPython 3.5+
RubyWindows, Linux, MacRuby 2.3+
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