gRPC has been talked about in many conferences and sessions. Here are a few interesting ones:

gRPC Intro - Jayant Kolhe, May 2018

gRPC Load Balancing on Kubernetes - Jan Tattermusch, May 2018

gRPC Deep Dive - Sree Kuchibhotla, May 2018

Modifying gRPC Services Over Time - Eric Anderson, Dec 2017

gRPC History Talk "A Journey to 10000 Stars on GitHub" - Jan Tattermusch, Oct 2017

Building microservices with gRPC and Kubernetes

Building a scalable Python gRPC service using kubernetes, 2015

Real time IOT with containers and gRPC

gRPC Talk at Gotham Go 2015

Building Microservices with gRPC and Kubernetes, 2016

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